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Custom Map Prices

Unlike many other companies offering this sort of service, I'm prepared to give you a price, right now! No hard sell in the way, just the information you need.

However, first let me explain the prices you see below. In order to produce a map to your site I need to visit it, to get a feel for the roads and the road signs. This means I have to charge different amounts for different parts of the country, depending on distance travelled.

I am based just outside the north of Leicester, thus the cheapest rates are available to sites in Leicester (in green below). This lowest rate area also extends to sites in Charnwood, NW Leicestershire and Hinckley and Bosworth districts of the county (possible extensions out into Melton BC).

Other rates are charged per county, you will notice the red area slant towards Liverpool and Manchester in the north and London in the south, this is because the road links are faster from Leicester to these places than elsewhere.

If you are on the border of a price break and you feel its unfair, just ask, its not set in stone.

Lastly, the map does not include Scotland or any areas off the mainland. I will gladly produce maps to anywhere! Just ask for a custom price, it will however clearly be at least the maximum price shown (orange), and possibly more. I would imagine that sites is Glasgow and Edinburgh would not be much more.

Sorry about all that, here are the prices:
Price Map The price quoted is for a fully designed A4 map with directions and road signs to your site, with your companies branding on the page (see samples).

You will receive
Two CDs with the design in various formats suitable for:
• Professional printing.
• In-house printing.
• Internet & Email distribution.

Printing of the map is not included in the price. This can be arranged via your usual printing company, alternatively I will arrange if preferred.

Payment will be due when you are happy with, and have approved the finished design, not before!

Please Note: These prices are for custom destination maps for individual sites, as shown in on the samples page. Other maps are available, including maps to navigate between sites. Please contact me for a custom price

Would you like one? - Contact me now!

Sample Maps